Furnishing is an art … But furnishing to measure?

Furnishing is an art … But furnishing to measure?


The title “Furnishing is an art … But furnishing to measure?” already suggests where this article will take you during its reading. 🙂

What strikes you about furnishings at first sight?

Well you will surely say the shapes, the colors are usually the first things that stand out to the eye.

Our team of Designer & Render we noticed in our many years of work experience in the laboratory and in the studio how to make your eyes shine, so we came to a conclusion, devising a perfect mix of furniture, indeed “custom furniture”.



So you may be wondering how are we going to make your eyes shine?

Whether you are passionate about design or not when you notice the shapes of a particular decor, but surely with the use of the latter you can not do without the practicality, the comfort during use both you and the person who uses it for work and your customers who use your premises.

So to sum up: practicality, comfort what do they do? Obviously they facilitate your work and that of your employees, making it more dynamic, fast, less tiring but above all “tailored” to your needs.

For us, the concept of “furnishing” is synonymous with aesthetics, but also practicality in using it to facilitate your creations whether you are a bar, restaurant, ice cream shop owner …

As in a restaurant, 3 ingredients are needed to “furnish to measure”:

1)A laboratory inside the company where the designers are in symbiosis with the artisans.
2)A team of impeccable designers, precise, innovative and always attentive to customer needs.
3)The passion in creating, refining, studying new shapes, sanding and drawing
All this translates into Mincio Arredamenti since 1965

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